she dances on northern lights

I stood still for a second, listening to the Rez accents in a big city, the sweet rush of ocean wind blowing through our hair, and I smiled. Sometimes you find kin in the most unexpected places.


Path Breakers

We are more than natives wrapped in blankets, or inuit on the land in fur parkas. Many of us have adapted, much like our ancestors, to their own harsh environments.

teacups and beadwork, lace and birch bark

A little bit of Indigenous magic. And I think it was from the stories and community that this session carried. Nothing I do comes without stories.


women gathering/women creating

I believe it’s important to make sure we encourage each other as women whether we are entrepreneurs, mothers, aspiring models, designers, or acquaintances.


Let’s Play – Inspiration then Collaboration

I have ideas for another way to shoot something like this, and now I also have a model who is willing to work with me again, who trusts me to honour both her regalia, and her image as an Indigenous woman.


Just Make Out a Little

And we’re starting. It’s a start. It’s something small, just a touch of sexuality. Just a touch of sensual. And it makes us laugh, and blush, and hopefully smile.