about the blog

This blog started off as a whim, an idea told late one night to friends as I sat in the dark in my office, editing away before a computer screen.

I want a community, a group of women I can talk to about editing, and writing, and art, and what it means processing all of that through Indigenous eyes,” I said. “I want a place where we lift each other up, and support one another.

So start it,” my friend said.

So I started reaching out to women I already followed on Instagram and Facebook. Women I knew that had strong visual talents but also made me stop and think with their words. Women who were nothing like me, but inspired me.

And between awkward online messages where I introduced myself, and fast and furious emails where I basically told friends they were participating, we started building the foundation of this community.

Indigenous women, holding each other up. Visual artists, supporting each other. A safe place to talk about the work, interpretation and inspiration behind projects. A place that reminds us of sitting at home around the kitchen table, with tea&bannock. 

 – tenille  campbell

(logo by Joi T Arcand)