Reconstructing Memories

Right now, I'm preparing for an exhibition and all I can see around me are pieces of a collection that's been steadily growing over my whole life. Toys, cameras, toy cameras, ViewMasters, postcards and other ephemera that I feel is important to hang onto. This particular collection of vintage toys and miniatures make up a diorama installation… Continue reading Reconstructing Memories

What happens to an artist post-production? The results may shock you

My studio is a mess. The artwork is shipped. I photographed 13 people in 4 different cities in 1 month and turned them into super heroes. But more about that later. Right now, I'm trying to process it all. I don't often share openly about what happens behind the scenes. For me, the process is as important as… Continue reading What happens to an artist post-production? The results may shock you

Weeds are my medicine

It’s Gooym (spring) and everything around is waking from their winter nap. This is the time of year the tree frogs start singing, the days start to get longer and the nettle is one of the first plants that stretches up. Everything has been early this year because of global warming. I don't know if… Continue reading Weeds are my medicine