What happens to an artist post-production? The results may shock you

My studio is a mess. The artwork is shipped. I photographed 13 people in 4 different cities in 1 month and turned them into super heroes. But more about that later.

Right now, I’m trying to process it all.

I don’t often share openly about what happens behind the scenes. For me, the process is as important as the final piece, but it’s also highly personal and so I guard it. Those close to me know when I’m struggling with something during the process and I’m grateful for their support and encouragement.

I think showing behind the scenes is important, because it shows that artwork IS work. There are so many factors to consider, especially when coordinating a large group of people in several locations. There’s gear and studio locations to rent. There’s also printing, framing, packaging and shipping to consider. Most of the time, I’m hunched over my computer working in Photoshop so, to me, that’s not a very exciting behind the scenes story.

But this project had me stepping away from the computer for a bit and got me way out of my comfort zone. If you follow teaandbannock on Instagram, you may have seen some behind the scenes shots.


I collaborated in exciting new ways, met some new people, and learned a lot about myself. I got to work with Tanis Worme who will be sharing her experiences helping me on the project. Working on this project has been really important for me after relocating my life to Ottawa, it got me out of my house and back into my practice.

I hope everyone who is able to go see the show can go! When Raven Became Spider opens April 15 at the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan.

I want to thank Leena Minifie, the curator of When Raven Became Spider, Jennifer Matotek and staff at The Dunlop Art Gallery, PAVED Arts, Reilly Forbes, Tanis Worme, & Bear. Huge thanks to all the new SuperMaiden recruits: Leah Arcand, Tenille Campbell, Janelle Pewapsconias, Lisa Langan, Erica Lee, Catherine Blackburn, Dayna Danger, Ariel Smith, Alex Kahsenniio Nahwegahbow, Omeasoo Wahpasiw, Julianne Herney & Tara Williamson.

I will be sharing more information about The Beautiful NDN SuperMaidens™ in coming posts, but first I need to clear out my office and my head. Thanks for reading.

-Joi T. Arcand

The Beautiful NDN SuperMaidens™ Trading Card – Neckbone Wonder Woman, 2016. Featuring Julianne Herney.


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