Film-lover, Kind of

Many years ago I was exposed to a photographer who loved to capture his family using film (Nate Kaiser). Since then I have had a deep love for film cameras (especially medium format) and photographs. Maybe it was nostalgia, or maybe they’re just straight up beautiful images.

Fast forward a few years and I definitely fell hard for the Pentax 6×7 camera. I needed it. I got lucky and someone was selling one on kijiji. Somehow, I managed to cough up some extra money and purchase it (tough when you’re a student). My joy was uncontainable. It was my new baby.

Me and my baby, taken not on film.

Well, let’s just say it was short-lived. I still have that baby, but our relationship is in tatters and I am so ready to renew it. Film is patience, and work, and did I mention patience? The first time I developed my film, the place didn’t have a scanner for it, so I did it the poor mans way and backlit it, took a picture with my 50mm (yikes) and put it onto my computer. Not ideal, and the images were terrible. To develop my 2nd roll of film it took THREE buses to get to the one place that I could find that would develop and scan it. Two hours. Then I had to wait a day or two to get my roll back. My third option was to mail it away and wait for it to come back and on top of that it costs a lot of money.

So, again, short lived relationship. I’m posting this as a public promise to myself that I will pull out that beautiful camera again and start using it more. It really forced me to THINK about each precious shot, and then in turn treasure them.

Here are some of the images from that 2nd roll of film. I still love all of the pictures so much.

Film is beautiful.





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