When Did You Become An Artist?

I remember going to visit the Olympic torch in a small town somewhere, can’t remember. I pretended to reach the torch, but I never actually touched it, oh well.

Finding Power through Friendship & Mentorship

Wearing my assistant hat during the photoshoot, I found power. Through a successful shoot, followed by silly bonding, we shared stories of our intuition, stories of our courage; we accepted our power and, even for mere moments, quashed our doubt

What happens to an artist post-production? The results may shock you

My studio is a mess. The artwork is shipped. I photographed 13 people in 4 different cities in 1 month and turned them into super heroes. But more about that later. Right now, I'm trying to process it all. I don't often share openly about what happens behind the scenes. For me, the process is as important as… Continue reading What happens to an artist post-production? The results may shock you

How many images move you?

"How many images move you?" This question was asked by filmmaker, cultural worker, and community-based video activist Marjorie Beaucage at Sâkêwêwak's Storytellers Festival and Indigenous Artists' Symposium which took place in Regina February 23-27, 2016. Marjorie was speaking about how everyday we are inundated with thousands of images and how very few of them move us to… Continue reading How many images move you?