Nature’s Reminders

As the season shifts and the leaves turn golden yellow, I am reminded of nature’s innate sense of balance. For me, Autumn season evokes a time for transition and a time for letting go.


The simplicity of watching trees slowly and gracefully shed their leaves somehow never fails to fascinate me. They remind me to reflect on what remains in my own life, and what I have stubbornly held onto. It is time to let them go.


5 thoughts on “Nature’s Reminders”

  1. I only recently moved to an area where we experience the change of seasons. Although I did grow up in the Northeast, that was years ago. Your photographs and words are perfect. As I now witness fall in person I love the beauty and marvel as the seasons change. The changing of the seasons to me is a renewal in hope. Thank you.

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  2. Nice thoughts!
    I live in Finland with four quite clear different seasons with their own specific features. Everytime a season changes for me it’s something like ‘ending an old thing is a born of some new’.


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