Maltby Lake

Every so often, I pull a bit of a disappearing act and venture far away from the city to connect with nature as a source of inspiration and healing. As I leave the confines of the city and enter the peaceful, calmness of nature, It’s amazing how quickly I begin to transform my thoughts and perceptions._DSC0142 (1)

For awhile, Matlby Lake was my little hideout where I’d strand myself for days – sitting on the dock, observing the beautiful sate of balance and harmony around me. Inspired by my surroundings, I started to contemplate the ways in which I could create a sense of balance and harmony in my own life.

Like nature, I wanted to learn how to camly flow with the overpowering gusts of wind, rather than letting it completely sweep me away. And so, learning how to calm my mind was the first step – which is DEFINETELY not as easy as it sounds. Like many urban city slickers, the distraction of my electronic divices and pull of wanting to be constantly productive gets the most of my attention these days._DSC0022After a few weeks of practice, I finally started to feel a sense of strength in my connection with self and nature. Now, as I breath in deeply, I imagine soaking in the goodness that surrounds me while breathing out and letting go of the negative within. When I study the balance and harmony of nature, It’s as if I’m uncovering a deeper understanding of myself and the traditional ways and practices of my ancestors.




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