Momma’s Day

I said I wasn’t going to post about mother’s day.

I changed my mind.

Most days being a momma, for me, means gumboots and laundry lines.
But there is beauty and honour in that.Jessica Wood Gumboots

So here’s to the Momma’s, mother figures, mother-lovers, mothering, pappa-moms, momma-pops, step-moms, aunties, god-parents, momma bears, abbas, abumps, giits, kookums, Noo’n, uncles with swish, aunties with swagger, kid raising, kid supporting, child raising village peeps, foster parents, matriarch supporters, matriarchs in training, to the ones filling in for moms, to the ones who didn’t have anyone to fill in, to the ones filling in for their own moms, to the ones who stepping up – meant stepping out… It’s complicated…. it’s beautiful… if it was easy, everyone would do it…… You keep our circle strong. Honouring you.

Jessica Wood Keep the Circle Strong laundry line

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