The good life North of Chilly

When I talk about Yellowknife to my lovely southern friends, most of what I describe doesn’t even come close to the actual good life this spectacular city has to offer. Every year I make the effort to attend and capture what I consider one of the most epic, coolest events in town- Yellowknife’s Snowking Winter Festival. This year, however, was especially grand, as it hosted a fashion show featuring 3 amazingly talented fashions designers and one jewellery designer – me.

Apart from my freezing hands shaking the whole time as I helped the models backstage change into their next jewellery piece, the feeling of being part of such a unique and beautiful event filled my heart with great warmth.

I remember being in high school dreaming of the day when I’d be part of a fashion event. And now, surprisingly enough, the day after the show I was asked by my old high school to spend a few hours inspiring the minds of students on the importance of pursuing your passion. Not only is it truly a great honour to be seen as a successful artist in my own community, but the possibility of inspiring others to do the same is pretty unreal.

When it was time for questions, everyone sat a bit quiet until the first student asked what I thought was a pretty reasonable question – my age. The teachers and I of course burst into laughter after one of the girls immediately shouted out “You don’t look 28!” Yay! Often times I don’t feel 28 either. Feels like just yesturday I was 17 and sitting in those same seats wondering about my future possibilities as an artist. And now here I am, up at the front of the class, with the same 17 year old spirit self contemplating where my next passion in life will take me.




 – caroline blechert

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